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Helping Heather: Please Help Us Make a difference
Keep the Faith
I Believe
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  • Keep the Faith
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  • I Believe
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  • This piece of art is sold as a 12x12 heavyweight print – ready to frame!

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The expenses we are attempting to cover are: Medication, Medical Bills, Transportation Costs, Living Expenses (food, rent), current medical debt.

As Heather's health deteriorates, these expenses will rise. Her medication expenses are an ongoing lifelong cost. It won't end with the transplant, but this will help her to focus solely on her health and enable her to rest until we find that donor.

Are You Heather's Hero?

At the end of December, Heather Eckstrom was given 2-3 months with this liver. We are currently on month three, and while we know doctors don't KNOW everything, we do know the ticking of the clock is getting louder.

Heather Eckstrom is running out of time, and she needs your help in more ways than anyone can know. Her liver is failing, and there is no way to sustain life beyond liver failure. She is unable to consistently work, and medical bills are mountainous, not to mention the expense of just getting to appointments and back again, along with everyday life.

If you are: 21-50 years of age; Type O+ Blood; Have excellent health history - physically and mentally; BMI <30 ; Relative or friend with a long term relationship with the recipient; -- Please contact the University of Minnesota Transplant Program if you would like to learn more about becoming her donor: 612-625-7010 or 1-800-328-5465, ext. 581

This is a BIG decision folks, so please weigh it carefully. The liver is the most complicated organ to transplant, so it is a very big deal. Here are some other resources as well: